Why CYY? 10 Benifits for you!

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Why CYY? 10 Benifits for you!

Why CYY? 10 Benifits for you!


Alibaba.com is the largest B2B online platform in China, easy for importers to find numbers of suppliers for any products include machine. But there will be some problems you may meet as following when dealing with suppliers on Alibaba.

Problems you may have:

1) If search 4 suppliers each machine, buying 5 types machine needs to contact 20 suppliers. That will drive you crazy. (In China most manufacturer could focus on 1 or 2 type machine only, as CYY only specialize in producing film blowing machine and t shirt bag making machine)

2)For lots of machines, prices on Alibaba are quite high. Because many of them are trading companies, and the original manufacturer don’t know English or online business, 50% of them do not have their own trading team.

3)Difficult to ship out machines together from different suppliers, which can save lots shipping & import fee.

4)Can’t check machine quality before shipping. They prefer to ask factory to take photo and video.

Check our solutions:

1)You only need to deal with us, we are in packing machine industry for more than 20 years and  have long cooperation with different machine manufacturers in bag making line and auto packing line, we could assist you choose the best and save searching time.

2)We help you negotiate best price with right suppliers. They offer lower price because we are local and bring them more business.

3)We collect all your machines and ship together. You also can use our warehouse for free.

4)We check all machines quality with you by machine test video before shipping, handle with suppliers if there’s quality problem.


Maybe you are small dealer in your county, you may have your own web and get some inquiry of some machines, and don’t import machines from China directly. You probably have these following problems.

Problems you may have:

1)Inquiry is always one or two machines need customized, you have to buy in local with long discuss to check the machine details, normally your local manufacturers or bigger dealers are not professional, because the technician is working in workshop or design office.

2)Have no experience on sourcing and importing via Internet, and don’t know how to start.

Worry about scams, or finding quality problem when products received.

Check our solutions:

1)We source machines for small business, with minimum order just one machine. We only need the final sample pictures, then will will customized a investigation for your customer, after received the answer, we will quote in 24 hours, it will have you save information confirm time.

2)After we check the machine information. We will offer you different configuration prices, and help manage shipping.

3)We will check machine quality by sending you machine detail photos and test video before shipping. If there’s product problems, we will handle with suppliers.


There are a lot sourcing companies based in China and also other countries, helping customer source machines in China, and also help manage shipping and quality inspection. You probably have these following problems, when dealing with them.

Problems you may have:

1)All sourcing agents/companies always serve for big amount orders, or high value products.

2)Very low working efficiency via Emails, taking weeks or month to settle done your orders.

3)High quoted price, hidden fee, kickback, and bad price negotiation skills with suppliers.

Check our solutions:

1)We could suggest machines for small business, and minimum order is only $500 each machine.

2)Our online platform works more efficiently than Email, and machine progress will be updated within 48 hours.

3)We do best on price negotiation on your behalf. No hidden fee or kickbacks, only low service charge as you like. No more fee for quality inspection & managing shipment.

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