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Inverter Application

The official definition of the inverter: inverter (variable frequency drive, VFD) is the application of frequency conversion technology and microelectronics technology, by changing the motor power frequency way to control AC motor power control equipment.
Further explanation: the inverter is based on the actual needs of the motor to provide the required power supply voltage, and then to achieve energy saving, speed regulation, but also over current, over voltage, overload protection, etc..
Transducer foreign brands: Schneider, SIEMENS
Domestic brands: CHINT, Delixi
Application Area
Textile industry
1 spinning and drawing in machine frequency conversion
2 plastic machine frequency conversion transformation
3 shaping machine frequency conversion speed regulation
4 knitting machine frequency conversion transformation
5 dewatering bucket centrifugal dewatering machine, high temperature overflow cylinder pump frequency conversion transformation
6 frequency control system of spinning machine main drive
7 flat traction machine electric control system
8 dyeing mill aeration machine frequency conversion transformation
Transformation of control system of 9 tension setting machine
10 high temperature dyeing machine frequency conversion control system
11 printing machine synchronous frequency conversion control system
12 dyeing machine control system with frequency conversion
13 roll dyeing machine frequency conversion transformation
Iron and steel industry
14 blast furnace hoist frequency transformation
15 dedusting fan of blast furnace, a furnace, secondary blower, gas blower, oil temperature and the vertical sheet of Roots blower, steel furnace frequency transformation
16 exhaust fan, baking and purifying fan and other frequency conversion speed regulation
17 hot rolling mill (hot rolling mill roller motor frequency control unit)
18 cold rolling mill roller unit variable frequency motor speed control system
Transformation of feeding system under

19 blast furnace
20 powder machine frequency conversion transformation
21 vibrating screen machine frequency conversion transformation
22 wire drawing machine, winding machine frequency conversion transformation
23 mixing machine, drying machine frequency conversion
24 mud pump, slag flushing pump, variable speed water supply water
25 straightening machine frequency conversion transformation
26 saw frequency transformation
27 pipe making machine frequency conversion transformation
28 converter of hot metal ladle
Petroleum Industry
29 the frequency conversion speed regulation system
30 and the pumping frequency control system
31 oil pump frequency conversion control system
32 gas transmission pipeline system fan and compressor frequency conversion control system
33 various types of water supply system, sewage treatment system frequency conversion transformation
Chemical plastics industry
34 extruder frequency control system
35 injection molding machine frequency conversion speed regulation system
36 machine (disc machine) frequency control system
37 mixer frequency control system
38 granulation machine frequency conversion speed regulation system
39 vacuum kneader (mixer) frequency transformation
40 drying machine frequency conversion speed regulation system
41 film blowing machine VVVF System
Machine, milling machine VVVF system

42 plastic crusher
43 polyester staple fiber drawing equipment factory inverter system
44 fiber high speed wire machine frequency conversion speed regulation system
Pump frequency conversion timing system for raw material oil pump and coking unit in 45 refinery
Machinery manufacturing industry
46 CNC lathe spindle
47 vertical lathe spindle
48 plane grinder spindle
49 spindle boring machine
50 saw motor
51 shearing machine
52 bending machine
53 sand cleaning machine
54 driving motor
55 air compressor, blower, belt conveyor, mixer
56 die casting machine, hydraulic machine tool 56 die casting machine, hydraulic machine tool
Grain machinery industry
57 air drying machine frequency conversion transformation
58 belt scale batching motor frequency conversion transformation
59 transmission mechanical motor frequency conversion transformation
Heating industry
60 boiler station: fan, blower control furnace pressure frequency conversion
61 boiler water tank high, low level constant pressure control frequency conversion
62 fan, coal conveying belt conveyor, crusher frequency transformation
63 thermal power stations: fan, fan, cold slag machine frequency conversion
64 heat exchanger: circulating water pump frequency conversion transformation
65 air conditioning heating: air conditioning cooling tower fan energy saving control, air conditioning cooling pump and refrigeration pump energy saving control
Wire and cable industry
66 copper Magdalene make-up water pump, cooling pump, silane extrusion unit UV cooling pump and a plastic extruder cooling pump, high voltage crosslinked extrusion machine circulating pump frequency conversion transformation
67 UV blower frequency conversion transformation
68 large complex winding machine frequency conversion transformation
69 granulation machine frequency conversion transformation
70 mixer frequency conversion
Upgrade industry
71 mine hoist frequency conversion transformation
72 mine locomotive frequency conversion transformation
73 port elevator frequency conversion transformation
74 construction site elevator frequency conversion transformation
75 construction site pile driving machine frequency conversion transformation
76 large driving motor frequency conversion transformation
77 tower crane lifting frequency conversion transformation
78 steel mills, power plant frequency conversion winch
Power plant
79 boiler blower, induced draft fan frequency conversion transformation
80 boiler feed pump, circulating water pump, drain pump, condensate pump, cooling tower, water pump slurry pump frequency conversion
81 frequency conversion transformation of coal feeder
82 exhaust fan frequency conversion transformation
Coal mining industry
83 analysis machine frequency conversion transformation
84 turn motor energy-saving slag tank
85 feeding motor energy saving transformation
86 iron pot shape energy-saving motors
87 front door motor VVVF Converter
88 coal washing water pump frequency conversion transformation
89 mine ventilation, feeding frequency conversion air system
90 traction machine frequency conversion transformation
Building materials industry
91 shaft kiln cement plant roots blower, high-pressure centrifugal fan, selecting fan frequency conversion transformation
92 frequency conversion of cement material and feeding system
93 cement plant into the ball water supply system frequency conversion
94 cement pipe pile machine frequency conversion speed regulation
95 cement brick machine VVVF
96 ceramic industrial ball mill frequency conversion speed regulation
97 ceramic atomizing fan frequency conversion speed regulation
98 press tile machine frequency conversion speed regulation
99 engraving machine frequency conversion speed regulation
Other industries
100 car inspection frequency conversion transformation
101 stone factory, iron ore, ball mill frequency conversion transformation
Energy saving improvement of reflow soldering fan of 102 placement machine
103 industrial washing machine frequency conversion energy saving transformation
104 industrial washing machine drying machine frequency conversion energy saving
Frequency conversion and energy saving reconstruction of 105 wood mill
106 hotels, bath center, constant pressure water supply frequency conversion
107 residential building constant pressure water supply frequency conversion
108 high-grade clubs, residential square and other places fountain

109 sugarcane sugar mill conversion energy saving
110 variable frequency energy-saving refinery boiler
111 sugar machine variable frequency energy transformation
112 paper mill synchronous motor frequency conversion transformation
113 central air conditioning cooling water pump, fan frequency conversion
114 sewage treatment plant slurry pump, air compressor, aeration machine frequency conversion transformation
115 general pumping station water supply frequency conversion transformation
116 deep well pump constant pressure frequency conversion speed regulation
117 frequency conversion of farmland irrigation system
Frequency conversion modification of oxygen supply water pump in 118 fish pond
119 oxygen plant frequency conversion air separator
120 highway vibration pump, mixer frequency conversion

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