How to buy rotogravure printing machine in China?

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How to buy rotogravure printing machine in China?

Professional asking method:

(1) the final product (sample picture is the best reference)

(2) material and thickness (the important reference standards for the machine, such as PE composite aluminum foil material, if you want to print on the single PE film you need high speed machine; if you want to print on the double layer PE can only recommend ordinary machine)

(3) pattern (the level of the machine is according to the print accuracy )

4) printing width , roll width and diameter (printing width decides machine models, the roll diameter decided unwinding station. If dia less than 50 cm, suitable for double unwinder station, if dia more than 50 cm, suitable for single unwinder station)

(5) the printing dia and length (our range of the diameter is 100-240mm (version length should be 314~700 or so)

6) if with matching (correction and without axial loading and aluminum foil printing is a shaft mounted version, unless buy high-grade computer machine. shaft and shaft without distinction is very simple to compare, they are both steel, only installed version is not the same,the first one need cylinder to hold it, only 1 minute, the second one is manual, need at least 5 minutes, computers are no shaft mounted version)

Know customer real demand (for example): Printed pharmaceutical grade with PE composite and protective layer of aluminum foil, speed 50m/min. (PE can strengthen the foil toughness, film protective layer is used to isolate bacteria for pharmaceutical and food packaging)

Fast quotation: the specific configuration of the xxxxxx RMB is: scraper embossing roll shaft winding and unwinding flatulence, axial loading, discharging with automatic tension and correct selection as options is xxxxxx RMB. After printing, the device can not be used.

Introduce the characteristics of the machine

  1. the guide roller machine used is brown guide roller, good wear resistance (general gravure printing machine is used Aluminum Alloy guide roller)

2.the chassis is cast iron, machine performance is stable, gears in the gear box are bold thickening (channel is very light)

3.bake in the oven is connected, the actual material inside the oven is 1.3 meters long, the drying effect is excellent, you could see the video to check

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